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Filmio is a decentralized ecosystem that facilitates the creation, funding, and distribution of film, TV and VR projects.

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Creators connect directly with fans.

In the Filmio ecosystem, creators can connect with fans to build a supportive audience and acquire meaningful statistics around emerging projects.

Creators connect directly with fans.

In the Filmio ecosystem, creators can connect with fans to build a supportive audience and acquire meaningful statistics around emerging projects.

Fans pre-validate Great Content.

Filmio's fan-fueled review and rating system generates the Go Score™ — a first-of-its-kind metric for pre-validating great projects.

Creators earn access to funding & licensing.

As top projects are validated by fans, they join a showcase with access to a myriad of funding and licensing opportunities. Production Companies, Financiers and Film Funds — including the Filmio Studio — compete for the best projects.

Community building benefits everyone.

The rich, featureful social environment of Filmio Decentralized Platform will bring a new, deeper experience by sharing content, connecting viewers to each other and to filmmakers in a way not previously possible.

A Fan-Fueled Hollywood

Ready for change

Major studios have become marketing machines answering to corporate owners. They are disconnected from the audience and continue to make sequel, prequels and reboots chasing what fans have liked in the past. Reselling the same product with fancier visual effects has driven up the cost of film production so that only a small number of highly bankable films are produced, creating a film industry which stifles creativity and fails to meet the demands of fans.

Fans are Essential

Fans are valuable predictors of the success of a movie or TV show — yet they have been traditionally ostracized from the creative process. Filmio elevates fans from bystanders to integral participants and helps them to form a connected, mutually-beneficial relationship with the creators of the content they love. Empowering fans will enable the greenlighting of projects with a built-in audience.

Creative Incubator

Filmio supports creators with fan-fueled project ratings and evaluations, subscriptions & donations, tools for incentivizing promotion, recognition through contests & competitions, strategic partnerships, leaderboards,
and badges.

Filmio Studio will select top-rated projects to receive key resources, recognition, and promotion.

Market Validator

Filmio offers filmmakers, financiers, and other industry players comprehensive analytics for predicting a project’s success that has never before been fully realized in entertainment.

Go ScoreTM is a first-of-its-kind validation metric, based upon an evolving algorithm that aggregates all fan ratings, evaluations, social interactions, and a variety of other key platform metrics.

Distribution Launchpad

With Filmio, investors, networks and studios can choose from a showcase of pre-validated content complete with their own fan bases. This provides the unprecedented ability to derisk the investment in content and allows for the visualization of powerful success metrics only available through the power of the Filmio Decentralized Platform.

Filmio Now is a fan-vetted social viewing and distribution experience giving more options and revenue opportunities to creators.

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Film & Fan Tokens

The Filmio dual token model facilitates fundraising through a security token called FILM, while utility functionality on the Filmio Decentralized Platform is facilitated through a utility token called FAN.

FILM (Security) Tokens

FILM token holders will be entitled to passive income from our revenue streams, including successful projects funded by the Filmio Studio.

  • Token Name: FILM Token
  • Token Symbol: FILM
  • Token Type: Security
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Available for purchase as a security (U.S. Accredited Investors only, or appropriately-qualified foreign investors).
  • Entitled to passive income.

This is not to be construed as an offering or solicitation for investment. The purchase of a FILM token may only be accomplished through the company’s Offering Memorandum, available on request to U.S. Accredited Investors or appropriately-qualified foreign investors.

FAN (Utility) Tokens

FAN tokens will be generated in a Token Generation Event occurring upon the commercial launch of the Filmio Decentralized Platform.

  • Token Name: FAN Token
  • Token Symbol: FAN
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Not available for purchase.
  • Contains no monetary value.
  • Automatically distributed to purchasers of FILM Tokens upon commercial launch of the Filmio Decentralized Platform.
  • Airdropped and rewarded to fans for various types of participation.

Token Ecosystem

FAN Tokens are the means by which participants in the Filmio platform move projects from ideas to reality. They are the fuel or currency that runs the Filmio Blockchain economy. FAN Tokens are what Fans use to green-light projects, what Creators use to develop projects, and what all members of the Filmio ecosystem use to interact with each other financially.



Filmio co-produces the movie “5-25-77”, a coming of age Star Wars related film starring John Francis Daley.


Initial patents filed: Initial patents filed:

  • Filmio Decentralized Platform - Serial No.: 62/533955 and 62/633458.
  • BlockringsTM - Serial No.: 62/658956.
  • Vault LockTM - Serial No.: 62/586994.
  • Filmio NowTM and TIXSTM - Serial No.: 62/663479

Q4 Blockchain collaboration begins


Beta test-net launched


Filmio executive produces the movie “Crypto”, starring Kurt Russell


Launch Demonstration Version of FDP


Begin Giving Private Demos of FDP Demo Version


  • Begin Giving Private Demos of FDP MVP
  • Launch By Invitation Only Private Beta of MVP
  • Launch Cine Shortz Short Movie Contest


  • Launch By Invitation Only Public Beta of MVP
  • Launch Public Token Sale


Expanded project funding options / advanced analytics integration


BlockringsTM / TIXS pre-paid ticket marketpace opens Studio interface / Filmio UniversityTM


Filmio Now decentralized streaming network and dApp operational.

*Roadmap features and timing subject to change at companies sole discretion. See TOS for more details.

Core Team

<p>Bryan is a serial entrepreneur, bringing more than 25 years of experience building companies and management teams, raising capital, developing partnerships, driving technology innovation and advising startups. Bryan serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board at Voxox - the industry-leading, San Diego-based Unified Communications company he co-founded in 2006. Bryan is co-executive producer of the coming of age film 5-25-77, upcoming 2019 film “Crypto” starring Kurt Russell, and other projects including Alicia Keys and Brad Paisley televised concerts.</p>

Bryan Hertz

Executive Chairman

<p>With over 30 years experience in the Creative industry, Ian has managed communications in the technology and entertainment verticals. Ian’s strategies have been used to brand and promote industry heavyweights such as Toshiba, Intuit, Tenet Healthcare and Kyocera. As a founder, Ian developed and implemented strategy for ad agency ID Communications, which included the identification, engagement and conversion of key influencers for entertainment clients such as Cox Communications. Ian acted as Executive Producer for Alicia Keys and Brad Paisley televised concerts. Ian is also a co-creator of the world’s first superhero (Blank) created in realtime on Twitter in 2007.</p>

Ian LeWinter


<p>Six-time published author and illustrator, Don Richmond is cofounder and Design Director of ID Communications. Don has over 20 years of experience working with the likes of Barnes & Noble, NFL, MLB, NBA, ESPN, Columbia Tri-Star and HBO, with work appearing in publications from Sports Illustrated to Variety magazine. Don spearheaded the brand platform for DIRECTV Sports and Qualcomm products. The former entailed work with legends Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino and John Elway. His creative accomplishments include the Emmy Awards campaign for David E. Kelley productions. For seven years, he was Creative Director of DIRECTV Sports magazine, an award-winning monthly publication with a base of over 3 million subscribers. Don’s recent work for Qualcomm can be seen in Logo Lounge: International Identities by Leading Designers.</p>

Don Richmond

Chief Marketing Officer

<p>Chris has 20+ years experience in design and engineering. He is a full stack developer with experience building blockchain based projects, best-selling author, speaker, artist and actor. A pioneer in the early days of WordPress, Chris developed core features and authored best-selling books that helped to bring WordPress to the attention of millions of people. He has remained active with the open source community, working with the ASF, the jQuery Foundation and the original Google Code. Chris also helped to discover, refine and execute the vision of dozens of startups from luminaries like Janus Friis, Co-founder of Skype, KaZaA & Rdio.</p>

Chris J. Davis

Chief Technical Officer

<p>Corey is a technology innovator with over a decade of experience in product management and development leadership. As a proven product innovator at Voxox, his track record of designing and bringing award winning, high quality and profitable products to market in record time has been consistently demonstrated within the technology field.</p>

Corey Hertz

Chief Product Officer

<p>A graduate of Harvard and the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Bob is a seasoned finance executive and with deep experience in building, financing, operating, and achieving exits for start-up ventures. Over the past 20 years, he has held senior management roles at a variety of public companies and directed or facilitated financing and M&A transactions totaling nearly $1 Billion.</p>


Chief Financial Officer

<p>Peter brings 25 years of entrepreneurial acumen in music, film, TV, and new media. He holds platinum and gold records along with four Guinness World Records (for most cameras used in a concert recording) while producing talent such as Rage Against the Machine, Guns & Roses, Chickenfoot, Slash, Stone Temple Pilots, Wolfmother, Cage the Elephant, Creed, Alter Bridge and others</p>

Peter Bowers

Chief Content Officer

<p>Patrick’s feature and television motion picture directing credits include: “Spaced Invaders” (Touchstone, 1990), “Baby's Day Out“ (20th Century Fox, 1994) and “Angus“ (Turner Pictures, 1995),“When Good Ghouls go Bad” (Fox Television)starring Christopher Lloyd, and the upcoming “5-25-77” starring John Francis Daley and Austin Pendleton</p>

Patrick Read Johnson

EVP Development

<p>Kevin is a talented technologist who is constantly innovating at the forefront of telecommunications and IP technology. He has designed and implemented a highly scalable, large capacity, flexible and fully redundant global communications network that perpetually maintains a 99.999% uptime. With more than a decade of experience in technology development and advanced network architectures.</p>

Kevin Hertz



<p>Patrick has 25+ years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, investment banker and board director/advisor as well as C-level executive in listed Media companies. He has helped companies scale, raised and invested hundreds of millions in growth capital as well as successfully exited via M&A transactions as well as IPOs.</p><p>His firm, European Media Finance, is an investment vehicle and strategy consultancy which provide board-level advice on strategy, business development and growth capital for fast growing companies in the Blockchain / Crypto, Digital Media, E-commerce, Gaming, Digital Advertising, FinTech and Entertainment sectors.</p><p>Current active board and association positions include Member of the Board at PPRO Financial Ltd, Board member at Afions Inc and Gravity Energy AG, and Associated Partner at Drake Star Partners.</p>

Patrick Martin


<p>Elvis Williams, better known as Blac Elvis, is a Grammy Award-Winning American record producer, musician and songwriter. He rose to fame in 2005 co-producing alongside Polow da Don, producing hits for Ludacris, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Fergie, Rich Boy, Kelis, Nelly, Pussycat Dolls and Mario. He has now launched two new labels called Black Mud Entertainment and Mars On Sunday Latino. Black Mud represents a new soulful and high energy sound that Elvis has created and Mars On Sunday Latino represents his Latino artist like “La Gente Del Clan“.</p><p>He has produced top 40 hit singles for Fergie (“London Bridge“ & “Glamorous“), Ciara (“Promise“), Kelly Rowland (“Like This“), Mario (“Crying Out For Me“), Beyoncé (“Ego“) and for Usher (“Lil Freak“).</p>

Elvis Williams

Advisor & Co-Founder

<p>Bill currently acts as CFO for Oyster Protocol (PRL), a revolutionary decentralized storage solution that is seeking to disrupt traditional web advertising. He has operated, invested in and built industry leading software businesses for over eight years.</p>

William Cordes


<p>Wulf is a leading expert on Blockchain Applications in broad arrays of industries, initial coin offerings, and smart contracting, as well as private investment fund regulation and compliance. His scholarship constitutes over 85% of the empirical and theoretical scholarship on Blockchain applications in corporate governance and private investment fund regulation in the United States. Additionally, Prof. Kaal is the leading proponent of dynamic regulatory solutions for innovation.</p><p>Kaal advises crypto companies, crypto startups, venture capital funds, and international policy makers on blockchain based solutions in FinTech and LegalTech.</p>‌

Wulf Kaal


<p>Chris is a User Experience Designer with 20 years of experience. Chris leads effective, collaborative, multidisciplinary teams. With 10 years of management experience, including representing the strategic interests of simple and well-executed UX on senior management. Chris is an active UX contributor on his teams, constantly pushing for user centered, data driven, iterative design with attention to the details.</p>

Christopher Meyer


<p>After 4 years managing real estate acquisitions for a prominent private equity fund, Matt co-founded Deedcoin in May of 2017. He was able to leverage blockchain technology to lower real estate commission to 1%. Deedcoin has brokerage offices in 173 cities across all 50 states and Puerto Rico, servicing some 17,000 users - 30% larger than the previous industry leader Redfin.</p><p>Matt also co-founded Ledger Leap, a blockchain development company that builds and launches compliant token sales and ICOs for today’s leading tech companies. Their clients include IBM Xprize award-winners, OpenTable and Priceline founders.</p><p>He has also advised some of the top ICOs, exchanges, conferences and leading venture funds. Matt has been featured in Inc Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, NASDAQ and is considered one of the industries foremost experts in BaaS.</p>

Matt Herrick


<p>Brandon is a motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur, owning a stake in a number of businesses. He is Co-Host and one of two Executive Producers of Ambitious Adventures, recently nominated for an Emmy Award.</p>

Brandon Adams